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  • It is impressive what young and driven talent can bring to the old and worn. Even more outstanding is their ability to maintain hope through the most dire of situations showering in optimism and love on those within their midst. They give us untainted eyes and passionately eloquent voices with which new dialog is invoked. Tomorrow's promise is their sword and hope is their beacon. Listen to their call. Witness their strife. It is not through violence that they try to achieve alternate futures, but through their creative instincts and love for peace.

    The Palestinian Theater Group from Montreal offers you a chance to experience this wave of promise.
    Don't miss out on it.

    Visit their facebook event page for more info and watch out for the trailer after the break.

    Update: Added some pics and videos from the show. Also, there has been talk that the play will be performed in Ottawa, so if you missed your chance to watch the show, get your tickets to watch it in Ottawa soon!


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