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  • TED is the rendez-vous of all innovative people in all the domains! It ranges from improving education, to technological breakthroughs, or simply personal achievements. This however is truly spectacular! Not much can be said except: blind people might soon share the roads with us!

    Ever wondered what people on the street are listening to? Well this man did, and so he asked! This video is the result of that. It's amazing to see the variety of music being listened to at the same time in the same area. Great idea, maybe I'll do it in Montreal!

    via White Trees
    A new hack combining kinect and 3D printing allows people to pose for their own miniature statue as themselves!
    If someone came up to you and asked you to spend the rest of your lives with them, would you accept?

    Angry Birds was first developed for the iPhone. 12million downloads later and the developers moved on to create versions for most touch screen smart phone in the market regardless of their OS. It has been a huge success, so much so that it now has a web-version associated with Google Chrome!

    So what's the logical next step? Allow people to experience a live version of it! This ad from T-mobile promotes their vast range of mobile phones by having a real life version of angry birds that responds to the controls of the user on the phone!

    (Via- Celine Berzi)
    A couple of days ago I got you the heartwarming story of Sung-Bong Choi and his plight to becoming a singer. Now I bring another talented person trying to break free from the shackles set upon her. Her name is Dani Shay and her curse is that Justing Bieber looks just like her.

    Check out what she has to say in response to this unfortunate coincidence through her hilarious audition on America's Got Talent.


    (Via Dareen Awwad)

    This Rahat guy is all over youtube with videos of various magic tricks. He started off performing them on chatroulette, and he impressed so many people that he now moved his paying field to the drive threw of various fast food restaurants. He appears to be holding a dollar bill in his hand but ends up floating in the air. It get funny when the workers have funny reactions and he adds the cherry on the top with his imagination and out of the box explanations to how he does it!

    If you enjoyed this, visit his Youtube Page to watch more of his videos.
    The Sun kissing your face. The waves tickling your toes. The breeze cooling you down. It's a glorious summer day. And what to do on such great day other than go to the beach and surf!

    Check out this wonderful reel of surfing shots taken by a very talented cameraman called Chris Bryan.

    Make sure you put your swimsuits on before watching, because I guarantee you'll want to dive in once its done.


    One of the best SIMPLE pranks I've seen. Just hilarious, maybe do it to someone some day! Not much more to be said but watch and laugh!

    You never know how easy you've got it until you've listened to someone else's hardships. Sung-Bong Choi, a hopeful contestant competing on Korea's Got Talent, is a person that has gone through hell and back and he's only 22. I hope he makes it through this comp and that no one ever experiences what he has gone through. Hope this video makes you want to make this world a better place.


    If you ever thought you were good at arcade games, think again!

    Here is the true King of the arcade world.

    Who knew that Duke of Cambridge was so freaky!

    If you're not motivated to go and ride a bike after this, then you should just stay at home and keep eating your cheetos you lazy person you! Summer is here people, time to bike.

    (Via Roula Haddad)

    So this is the famous Lebanese professional rally drive Abdo Feghali, known for his coolness while driving. He has this series of videos online where he brings in different people into the car and takes them on a fun ride in a course while checking for their reactions at his good - but dangerous- driving/drifting. Here are a few examples of what passengers have done on this ride.

    Hot Girl ( for all the guys out there)

    Grandma - Teta

    Khaleeji drifter (Yeah right!)

    (via Abraham Helal)

    Funny guy (Testing your train of thought)

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