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  • Today is the day that the new Lamborghini Aventador will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor show and as previously mentioned in my earlier post it will be a powerful car that will be contending with the best from Modena.

    The Aventador will sport a V12 Engine that can churn out 691 horses out of its wonderfully crafted exhaust. All the while, it will be the first Lamborghini to have a monocoque, in other words, a unibody cockpit. The latter was made through a collaboration with Boeing, constructed entirely out of carbon fiber, and weighs in at 321.4 pounds making the Aventador a lighter and more powerful car compared to its predecessor the Murcielago.

    But what we've learnt from experience is that all of that power in the hands of the average driver is a recipe for disaster (judging by the numerous youtube videos out there). And if you were thinking : "Oh a carbon fiber body. That can't be fixed anywhere if it got damaged." Then you are correct! But fear not my prospective Aventador owner, for Lamborghini will train three specialist that will fly to you and fix your precious car for you; they will be Lamborghini's flying doctors. Each of these specialists will be handed carbon fiber repair kits that will allow them to fix most of the carbon fiber damage at predetermined repair centers.

    Phew! Now you know the $378,995 you'll put down for this baby aren't going to waste.

    Check out the all new unveiled Lamborghini Aventador after the break,


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