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  •  Josefine Oqvist - Sweden

    Well if you haven't noticed, the Women's FIFA world cup is going on right now and I don't blame you for not knowing since it isn't as publicized as its male dominated version (you know, the one that happened last year). Nonetheless, it still is an exiting event, not to mention that it is one of the few sports that has some of the best looking women in the business. And trust me it'll get a lot more views now that some female footballers started swapping jerseys with others. Leave it to Sweden's Josefine Oqvist to take this to the next level!

    So here's your reward for being a loyal fan of the game, and further proof that the women of FIFA are some of the best out there.

    Good luck girls and go Germany and Sweden!

    Check out the video of the jersey swap and then check out some pictures of the players after the break.

    Some of the lovely ladies of women's football

    Anouk Hoogendijk - Holland

    Gaetane Thiney  -France

    Team Germany

    Heather Mitts - Usa

    Hope Solo - Usa

    Kaylyn Kyle - Canada

    Kyah Simon - Australia

      Josefine Oqvist - Sweden


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