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  • This was Geneva's show stopper and arguably one of the best concept cars unveiled at the motor show. The 4C is Alfa Romeo's foray into the compact performance coupes (think Mercedes SLK and company). This wonderfully crafted automobile is made from a mixture of aluminium and carbon fiber keepings its overall curbweight at 1870 pounds. Couple the latter with Alfa's customary turbo charged 4 cylinder 1.7L Turbo engine pumping out 200+ bhp and the 4C is capable of 0-100 km/h in less than five seconds.

    Reasonably priced at 40,000 and globally set for sale in 2012, the 4C will be the comeback of the Alfa Romeo Spider charm.

    Check out its wonderful pictures after the break

    (Via: Daniel Sousa; Source: Top Gear and Car and Driver)



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