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  • I have recently discovered a new documentary series produced by BBC one entitled "Human Planet" and it is truly a compilation of the most amazing and breath-taking scenes I have ever witnessed.

    Divided by theme into 8 episodes, the show takes us on a voyage to discover the different ways humans have adapted to survive in different living environments. It kicks off with an underwater episode that pushes the limits of the human body allowing us to enjoy the fruits of a world we were not meant to live in. Following it is a survival episode in the desert which lacks the one thing that was previously an obstacle. And goes on with mountains, forests, rivers, grasslands, arctic and finally cities.

    The truly astonishing scenes are the ones in which you discover the bond that was formed between humans and animals, realizing that they both need each other in order to survive in a harsh world. Whether it's fishermen gathering large number of mullets thanks to dolphins in Spain, or in East Africa where two young boys can collect honey only with the help of a wild bird called the Honeyguide which finds the bee hive for them, we get a sense of how both animals and humans evolved in order for them to adapt to living together.

    I deeply suggest viewing the trailer as it gives a preview of the wonderful world that we are not exposed to, blinded by the artificial life we have built around us in order to have an easier and more comfortable life. Things we normally take for granted are shown in its most primitive form and in circumstances where simply obtaining enough drinking water becomes a day long challenge.


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