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  • I am not the biggest NFL fan out there, but for some reason I really enjoy watching the Super Bowl. Maybe it's the get together with friends, the adrenaline rush experienced watching that game winning/changing pass, or just the great ads. But now that I've given the thought more of a second, I think it's mainly just for the ads!

    What I really like about them is the fact that they keep getting more outrageous every year in  an attempt to outdo the last guy's outrageous commercial. This may lead, more than often, to some utterly stupid and non watchable ads, but sometimes the  mix of outrageous turns out to be just right and you end up with one hilarious commercial that sets itself as memorable and leaves you with a satisfying WTF moment. 

    Such is the case with KIA's new Super Bowl ad! It's premise is simple: sandman + golden magic dust = wonderful dreams. Nothing new there until the sandman accidentally drops his bag of magic dust on an a man subdued in peaceful slumber. Oh what will this overdose do to that man's poor dreams? Watch the commercial and find out (Hint: Adriana Lima, the lady of many a man's dreams, makes an appearance)...

    Also, KIA has also provided a five hour slow-mo video of Adriana Lima waving a checkered flag. Why you ask? Just cause they can!



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