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  • We've all heard the stereotype that women are bad drivers. Hell, I've even heard some people praise Saudi Arabia's ban on women driving and claim that it was the best move the country has made. And while there may be some studies that claim that women may be more accident prone than men on the road, concrete evidence has yet to be found, until now!

    A woman has recently been found guilty of the most expensive car crash ever recorded causing an estimated $1,125,000 in damages. Yes you read right, that's one million one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. What did she crash into you ask? 5 of the most expensive cars found on this earth. And where? Right in the middle of Place du Casino in Monaco; talk about being embarrassed.

    She was apparently trying to navigate her way through a tight opening when she scratched her first victim a Mercedes S-Class ($125,000). Panicking, she then followed to ram into a Ferrari F-430 ($235,000). An Aston Martin Rapide ($250,000) and a Porsche Carrera 911 ($135,000) were part of the collateral damage.

    Finally, to add insult to injury, the driver was driving a Bentley Azure ($410,000), which needs it's bumpers and left side door replaced, and on top of that she was a BLONDE!

    Good luck shaking this one off ladies!

    Enjoy the pics of the mayham and good laugh!
    (Via: Hashem Hijjawi)
    (Sources: Dailymail and Joe.ie)


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