• A lil' side note

    HRM Shaker is a great blog that aims to deliver you with the best random material this thing called the interwebs has to offer. Come and check up often as we are always updating the blog with great stuff!


  • Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself.

    I am His Royal Majesty Shaker (HRM Shaker for short). A resident of Ottawa who just has way to much time on his hands. I have gotten the idea of starting a blog since I've come to the realization that I've got much on my mind that I would like to share, regardless if there is anyone there to listen. In other words, this blog is just an extension of the thoughts and life experiences that I have registered or am about to. Therefore, expect to find some rants, some philosophical bull, and often some rather entertaining stuff all with a little help from my friends; I'm looking at you RamsisNutella the chocolaty Pharoah, the royal that makes this blog royalty Queen D and Sous our very own Neptune. This is after all just a fun experiment that will be tried over time. Who knows what will become of it.

    So visit as often as you'd like and don't be shy to bring your friends.


    HRM Shaker

    (P.S: The monkey on the front page is from an acrylic painting created specifically for the L.A based Munky King art/toy store, be nice and check them out)

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