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  • The amazing thing about sports is the ability to push yourself to another level every time you perform. Records keep getting broken year after year, new tricks appear out of nowhere: fans are still glued to their screen year after year and are amazed by what they see. Here is a collection of some amazing feats and tricks in various sports and activities that are truly amazing each one on their own.

    Everything is possible par Tixald
    I know it's been a while since I've posted. But I bring you some hilarious stuff. Apparently Jim Carrey has fallen in love with the red headed hotty known as Emma Stone. In a video that he posted on his video blog (vlog??), he confesses his love to her and envisions a life in which they would have chubby freckled kids.

    Check out the video on his website since I can't embed it in here and lemme know what you think of his confession.

    Click here to watch Jim Carrey's love confession

    Most people have played a variety of sports throughout their lifetime. Some were competitive like football, basketball, volleyball or even handball. Some were for fun like dodgeball and beach volleyball or even beach football. One thing is sure, there is always a way to twist every sport and make it extreme and somehow more fun. Here are a few of those.

    1. Trampoline Dodgeball

    2. Soap Football (amateur video)

    3. Sepak Takraw (Foot-Volley Asian style)

    Ramadan is known in Egypt for it's all around spirit. You have series going on all day, new talk shows, and best of all the great commercials. You've seen the new Nokia ads in an earlier post, and I will keep posting the good ones as I see them. The brilliance and humorous nature of these commercials are unmatched.

    Here we have a male undergarments commercial. They compare underwear in general to your friends, with some you like some you need to change, some who stick to you, some who support you and solve your problems.


    Probably some of the most prestigious things to own when you have a lot of money include a large collection of cars, a private airplane or two, many houses scattered over many continents and some exotic pets. But today, the competition and bragging rights lies into who has the best yacht? Roman Abramovich can probably boast as to have one of the biggest yacht collections, including possibly the largest private yacht ever ($1.2 Billion) , can be seen here. But come on, that's just too much! Doesn't he get lost and lonely in that humongous ship? Rumours are he even installed a so-called anti-photo shield for his privacy. Well, good for him, But I personally didn't like his yacht. So i went on a small search to find what I thought was a better yacht, and I found it.

    The Wally Hermes Yacht, aka WHY, is just a beauty. For a modest fee of $150 Million (in comparison to Abramovich's yacht) you get this piece of art. It's fancy, it's moder, it's unique. Oh ya, and it comes in 2 sizes!

    I am currently accepting partners and donations in order to reach the $150 Million. For more information on this sexy thing, check their website here.

    (Source: The Timmy Drake)
    I'm pretty sure you've teared up a few times while watching commercials on TV. Don't deny it, we all have seen that one commercial that made us weep like a little baby. But I think I've found one that'll make you wale, whimper, and bawl your eyes out!

    Check out this ad for TVC, a thai life insurance company, called the science of love. So emotionally touching that it deserves an oscar.

    Now excuse me as I wipe away my tears...sniff!

    Ramadan in Egypt is always awaited for many things: decorations in the street, lots and lots of yummy food, mosalsalat addiction and finally Advertisements! This series of Nokia ads promoting the "new" dual- sim card fone attempt to connect the regular workers with the advancing social media... For an added bonus, wait for the last line: "Nokia, connecting beoble!"

    "Hashtag beid, Hashtag Beid!"

    "Warda wala alb??"

    If your into weird things, then you most definitely have tried some exotic foods in your lifetime. However, have you ever tried a dish that comes with a dancing squid?

    Mind you the squid is already dead and not alive, yet when his cells are mixed with the soy sauce, a form of reaction happens that causes his muscles to jerk; just like when your leg kicks up during a reflex test.

    Nevertheless, would you still eat it after it has danced for you beyond the grave?

    Check it out and let me know!
    (Source: Youtube)

    Ladies! Have you ever thought of joining the army? Well now's your chance.

    Vladimir Putin, Russia's ex-president and current prime minister, is recruiting. If you are smart, beautiful, and don't mind parading around in a bikini  and wash cars in a cheap attempt to garner votes for your political idol, then you're perfect for the job. Apply within!

    Check out this reportage about Putin's Army and their car wash. The awkward ending is more than justification for watching it!

    Also check out after wards the ad for Vladimir's army of vixen's.


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