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  • One thing only can make this 2010-2011 NBA season more interesting, Michael Jordan coming back and joining a rival team such as the Lakers or Celtics. As for me, this season's thrills started three months before it even began, or more accurately, the day I watched "The Decision". Finding out that Lebron would be playing with Wade and Bosh in Miami lead me to believe that Miami could potentially become this year's Champions, no questions asked, with only the Lakers posing a threat to them since I believe that LA is currently the only complete team in the NBA.

    Lebron's summer decision headlined on every news site and paper stealing people's attention away from the other trades that were simultaneously occurring and eventually changing the composition and dynamics of many teams. Trades such as Shaq's signing with the Celtics, Carlos Boozer exchange to Chicago and of course Lebron and Bosh's move to Miami. But that's not all, over the course of this season many other players were subject to unexpected trades and saw Carmelo teaming with Stoudemire at New York, Mike Bibby with Miami, and finally Deron Williams becaming part of the Nets.

    Looking at all those top players coming together under one jersey made me think that we are back in the 90's at which time teams aimed to become "Superpower Teams". However, the only difference between then and now is that current teams are trying to build said "Superpower Teams" with young but inexperienced talent while in the 90's similar powerhouse teams were composed of veteran players or players who had already developed outstanding skills with the help of one another from the start. The team suffering from said problem the most are the Miami Heats, even though they are having a very good season so far, I am not very sure they will have an amazing playoff run since they're ongoing record against the contending championship teams isn't that promising. James and Wade are having problems closing out games where they are 1 from 12 in last situation games decided by less then 5 points or under 13 seconds to go and this is due to their lack of experience in playing with another good player and coming to terms with the fact that they are no longer the only "closers" on the team. The situation is much better in Boston since their "big three" are all very experienced veteran players and even better in San Antonio.Finally, it can also be noted that the players of both the Spurs and Celtics have developed to become "Superpower Teams" through working and improving as an entity and not each individual on his own.

    Now don't get me wrong. I personally prefer teams that have an outstanding star player like the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan in the 90's. Nevertheless, I don't think that the simple incorporation of a star player into a new team is enough to translate the latter into an increase of games won since even the great Michael Jordan didn't win his first championship upon joining the Bulls; he had to wait for seven years while playing with them before he could get a taste of championship gold. Hence making seven years a logical time to create a team dynamic and style of play, yet Miami expected to do it in one. And it is for such a reason that I don't think the Heats will win the championship this season but then again "miracles" do happen.

    Either way, they have very hard test this week against San Antonio, Oklahoma, Denver and Atlanta, I can't wait to see if they will be able to pull it off.


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