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  • Today a friend asked me a interesting question: "Is there a mathematical equation for love?"

    While I may not be qualified to answer such a question, I have nonetheless researched it a bit and found a couple of interesting theories most of which have been proposed by physicists & chemists. A little counter intuitive since you'd expect the experts on love to be of a tanned, foreign, and passionate nature. But hey, guess they're to busy getting it on to write anything down. And thus the work is left to those whom have more time on their hands.

    Looking through the equations, you notice that most of them are of a thermodynamic nature modeling love in terms of energy. However, what caught my eye was something totally unrelated to physical science and dealt only with pure simple math. It's called the heart equation and when plotted, it forms the shape of a heart. Simple and to the point.

    Nonetheless, I would like to propose the following as the HRMShaker equation of love:

    1 + 1 = 3

    Update: A friend of mine, Numatella, has pointed out to me that it is better to to rewrite the equation as follows:

    1 + 1 = <3

    The latter equation can be read as follows:
    • One person + one person is less than or equal to three (baby or no baby)
    • One person + one person is equal to Love ( *<3* being the internet emoticon for a heart)
    We call it the HRMShaker Numatella Equation for Love (HNEL).


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