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  • Everyone probably heard about the attacks in Norway in a Camp through a bomb and a firearm rampage. One must think what will happen to the man who did all this? Well, apparently the sentence for murder in Norway is 21 years. Fine no problem, it should be life for the number of lives he took, but I'll let this slide. What's outrageous though is the prisons they have! People would usually pay to stay in a place like this! As the presenter said, dorms aren't as spacious and studios aren't always as advanced! Talk about this being a punishment and a place where a person is supposed to reconsider what he did!

    This Acapella group decided to dedicate an entire medley to the music they listened to during their youth/university years. They put together a collection of songs that most of us remember and love. For added fun, wach the bearded guy in the middle at the bottom. Specifically, watch how he cant snap his fingers.

    We've all heard the stereotype that women are bad drivers. Hell, I've even heard some people praise Saudi Arabia's ban on women driving and claim that it was the best move the country has made. And while there may be some studies that claim that women may be more accident prone than men on the road, concrete evidence has yet to be found, until now!

    A woman has recently been found guilty of the most expensive car crash ever recorded causing an estimated $1,125,000 in damages. Yes you read right, that's one million one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. What did she crash into you ask? 5 of the most expensive cars found on this earth. And where? Right in the middle of Place du Casino in Monaco; talk about being embarrassed.

    She was apparently trying to navigate her way through a tight opening when she scratched her first victim a Mercedes S-Class ($125,000). Panicking, she then followed to ram into a Ferrari F-430 ($235,000). An Aston Martin Rapide ($250,000) and a Porsche Carrera 911 ($135,000) were part of the collateral damage.

    Finally, to add insult to injury, the driver was driving a Bentley Azure ($410,000), which needs it's bumpers and left side door replaced, and on top of that she was a BLONDE!

    Good luck shaking this one off ladies!

    Enjoy the pics of the mayham and good laugh!
    (Via: Hashem Hijjawi)
    (Sources: Dailymail and Joe.ie)

    A friend of mine has been involved in a few bands making their original tracks and I have to admit their coming up with great acoustic tunes! This is the first track of a new band called Free Electron and it's quite a catchy song! Visit their Facebook page if you like it.. (here)

    This video not only makes you crave a Macarons at this very instant, it makes you (or at least me!) want to get the ingredients and make some! Brilliantly filmed, very artistic, and looks delicious!

    Recette filmée : Macarons from ))) datafone on Vimeo.

    Sometimes some goals struck as so hard that they are talked about for a long time after the game. And once the talk calms, all it takes is one person mentioning it, "do you remember Rooney's overhead kick?" and the rest of the room just smiles "ohh yeaaahh". Well these goals are usually transformed into different artistic forms.. Here's one of them.

    Ever wondered about the true story behind Batman's origins and his efforts to rid the world of evil? Well look no further!

    It is one thing to take a car and tweak it to perform a little better, but it's a completely whole new world when you take the latter and tinker around with it to blow your mind.

    That is exactly what Mercedes plans to do with its all new 2012 C-Class Coupe. Being the only car in its class to get the Black Series treatment, this baby sure does pack a nice punch with the knock-out made possible by having the car's weight reduced by 44 pounds, its exterior uniquely modified, and its interior equipped with race inspired bucket seats.

    Moreover, under the hood, this baby will sport a 6.2L V8 engine giving you 510hp at the beck and call of your lucky toes that'll allow you to intimidate the most bravest of passengers.

    As for price, nothing is set in stone, but since it is a Black Series it is expected to cost a bit more than its C63 AMG sibling. But until they get their pricing ducks in a row and have this monster terrorizing your streets next January, you can check out her pics after the break.
    Millionaires are in a constant battle to see who can outdo the other: have the biggest house, have the biggest yacht, have most cars, most planes, the only of a kind and so on. However, when you already done most of the list above, you need something new and unique to leave a mark behind, literally.

    Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, member of the Abu Dhabi ruling family has done so much. He has over 200 cars stored in a pyramid as a public museum at the Emirates National Auto Museum (Link), which by itself is crazy given the abnormality of the cars in there. (A more detailed post about this will follow shortly.) However, more recently, he decided to do more. Here I present to you Futaisi Island which he inherited from his father, in red next to Abu Dhabi.

    If you zoom in closer, you notice that there is something different about this island.

    No this is not an image alteration done on photoshop.

    He had his name "carved" (if one can call such an enormous project carved) into the island. And this picture is oriented to the north. Yes, he even did it upside down!

    These letters are around 1km high and so deep you can see a waterway formed in the first 3 letters! This can now be seen from space it seems, or more realistically on Google Earth and by planes.

    View Larger Map
    This 90's game show called "Hollywood Squares" was famous for having many famous actors and comedians as part of it. Concept is easy: you have 9 celebraties each sitting in a square, and 2 contestants have to play X O. You choose a square, the celebrity answers a question and you either agree or disagree with the answer given. If you are right, you get the square.

    In this episode, Gilbert Gottfried, one of the funniest people to be a regular on this show, is the last available square. The person who gets this right wins (5squares vs 4 squares). And this happens, perhaps one of the funniest moments on any TV game show ever!

    Some illusions require you to look elsewhere to miss the trick. This person simply plays with the vision with some very well designed illusion tricks!

    This is just insane! I'm working on finding out who this person is and why the hell I've never heard of him before. For now check him out mashing up 39 songs live!

    The track list is after the break if you are interested
    This advertisement was smartly done by the Flemish government-run company to promote public transportation.

    Here is last sunday's episode of Top Gear. In it, they pit the Mclaren MP4-12C against the Ferrari 458 Italia.
    While Jeremy Clarkson does come up with a few good points about how the Ferrari is a little more fun to drive, the Mclaren MP4-12C turns all that into non-sense once you push her on the track.

    Enjoy these clips before they get ripped off of youtube.

    (Source Topgear.com)
     Josefine Oqvist - Sweden

    Well if you haven't noticed, the Women's FIFA world cup is going on right now and I don't blame you for not knowing since it isn't as publicized as its male dominated version (you know, the one that happened last year). Nonetheless, it still is an exiting event, not to mention that it is one of the few sports that has some of the best looking women in the business. And trust me it'll get a lot more views now that some female footballers started swapping jerseys with others. Leave it to Sweden's Josefine Oqvist to take this to the next level!

    So here's your reward for being a loyal fan of the game, and further proof that the women of FIFA are some of the best out there.

    Good luck girls and go Germany and Sweden!

    Check out the video of the jersey swap and then check out some pictures of the players after the break.

    Kisses are used for making up and making love. But did you know that they can also be used for making art?

    Natalie Irish, Houston Texas' self proclaimed artistic prodigy, has perfected a method that allows her to paint portraits through the sole use of her lips. She achieves her inspiring works of art by kissing the canvas and varying the pressure of her lips creating the sublte nuances needed to create her large paintings.

    While the process may seem like it is painstaking, the outcome is greatly satisfying.

    So check out this video of her painting a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. And check out her website at natalieirish.com for more of her work.

    Now kiss me!

    I'd like to introduce you to Piff the Magic Dragon and his pifftacular show!

    Words cannot express how funny his bit is so I'll just let you check it out!

    You read write, it's Porsche Cajun, and it's gonna be as seasoned as they come.

    Although not as spicy as its more popular and larger sibling the Cayenne, the Cajun aims to deliver the same punch in a smaller, more agile, package.

    It will be borrowing many elements from its cousins in the VW family, notably the Q5, as Porsche will be using Audi’s Q5 chassis and 3.0L V6 and 2.0L TFSI V4 engines to power the Cajun with 300bhp and 250bhp respectively. Moreover, a 3.6L V6 turbocharged engine pumping out 350bhp and 3.0L V6 TDI diesel engine will also be offered down the line.

    The car looks like a Porsche and most definitely will run like one. It will come in a 5 door configuration, but talks of it being offered in a 3 door configuration are also out there.

    This car also opens a whole new segment for Porsche pushing families that loved the Cayenne but wanted something smaller to continue considering Porsche for their cross-over SUV purchases. Furthermore, it they do produce a 3 door model, Porsche will be going head to head with the only other luxury 3 door cross-over SUV out there: the Land Rover Evoque.

    I for one am looking forward to this car.

    Check out the pictures of the renderings after the break!
    This may be one of the most awesome short movies I've seen in a while. Watch as the plot thickens!

    Ever wonder why you are never satisfied with what you've got?

    And whenever you do get that thing you've always wanted, you find that the gaping hole of need in your heart is ever growing.

    Remember when a house with a 2 door garage was the ultimate dream? When all you wanted was to have kids, a VW Jetta, and build that backyard pool.

    Yet now a VW Jetta won't do, and that house with the 2 door garage is deemed as a consequence of failure. Since our conception of perfection, or rather our aspirations, have been morphed by the thing we worship the most these days: Our TVs. More accurately, by the programming rubbish that is fed to us through them on a daily basis.

    Therefore, check out this highly engaging, entertaining, and educational clip as it punches away at TV and how it has ruined our aspirations.


    This new commercial compares how everyone in a family loves a single drink, with a boy being introduced to his girlfriend's family for the first time. Marvelously funny and creative!


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