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  • What would your last words be if you were about to be executed? What would you think of? What would you say? Does it even matter? Does it even count? Is your voice the last thing you want to hear? Is there anyway to turn this around? Can you change your executor's mind with those words? Maybe? Maybe not? After all you've got nothing and everything to lose...

    (Source:Tune for Two (2011) from alfa primo on Vimeo.)

    A guy used his nerdy genius to transmit a simple video playing on an iphone to any screen of his choice in the middle of Times Square. Imagine this app's potential for all the evil villains out there whom are hell bent on world domination. You're all one step closer guys!

    Today, take an hour to thank mother earth for all that she has given you.

    Happy Earth Hour!

    What do you do when you have a sick ride and even sicker driving skills? You street race of course! And if the cops ever bother you, just do doughnuts around them all the while insinuating a significant disdain for the law (in other words a big F YOU!). Wouldn't that be the life.

    Yet, apparently that's exactly what some courageous driver from somewhere in East Asia did. 

    But let's be honest, these cops were a little to optimistic to think that they could catch up to him in their modest rides..

    I have recently discovered a new documentary series produced by BBC one entitled "Human Planet" and it is truly a compilation of the most amazing and breath-taking scenes I have ever witnessed.

    Divided by theme into 8 episodes, the show takes us on a voyage to discover the different ways humans have adapted to survive in different living environments. It kicks off with an underwater episode that pushes the limits of the human body allowing us to enjoy the fruits of a world we were not meant to live in. Following it is a survival episode in the desert which lacks the one thing that was previously an obstacle. And goes on with mountains, forests, rivers, grasslands, arctic and finally cities.
    He could be anywhere? In your driveway... On your balcony... Behind you at a McDonald's... That sweet old lady at the bookstore... or maybe that little girl scout that was trying to sell you the best cookies of your life, since they will be your last!

    Be afraid! Be very afraid!

    Now Dance!

    So I've been reading articles and watching videos about weight loss and one thing stood out: the information they give is usually incomplete. Everytime they claim something, they often don't bother to explain the fact and only prefer to just plainly state it. Therefore, if you don't understand why having a big breakfast is more important than skipping it or having a small one, why then should you to stick with it just cause they say it is? Every day you might read about which food you should eat or which workout routine would work best but loosing weight is a slow and extremely hard process. So you might ask what does work? and why? This article is for all of you people whom are sick of your little bellies and big tummies. Join me as I explore the science behind all the facts and find out why some food are better than others, why others make you fuller for longer, and how you can burn calories while sleeping.
    I just showed you the best wedding invite (Click here). And now I wanna show you the best way to propose.
    If your unfamiliar with chat roulette it is sped chat service that connects random people together. However, looks like he could see into the future...

    At first glance, you'd think from the title that this would be some sort sappy love song. But twenty seconds into the song and you begin to notice that you're not in Kansas anymore. Her lyrics contrast with her title and  throw you, for a second, in a sense of confusion as you are trying to understand what is going on. She's broken, she's hurt, yet still wants to stick around.

    This might be the best campaign video by Saad El Hariri. The future of Lebanese politics, is at least headed in a different direction now.

    In over 15 years of competitive swimming, 10 years of international titles, 4 years of university varsity swimming, and 3 years of life guarding I have witnessed and endured every swimming and diving related injury, dove over 1000 times in my life (form 1 meter high dive boards to 20m high cliffs), and never have I ever imagined that the person who holds the world high dive record would look like this, dress like this, and have a doctor who looks like that be the one he counts on if anything goes wrong, yet India didn't fail to manufacture such a person...

    P.S. He is a police officer, I think they were trying to duplicate robocop and the landing was a malfunction and it turned into the worlds highest belly flop.

    One thing only can make this 2010-2011 NBA season more interesting, Michael Jordan coming back and joining a rival team such as the Lakers or Celtics. As for me, this season's thrills started three months before it even began, or more accurately, the day I watched "The Decision". Finding out that Lebron would be playing with Wade and Bosh in Miami lead me to believe that Miami could potentially become this year's Champions, no questions asked, with only the Lakers posing a threat to them since I believe that LA is currently the only complete team in the NBA.

    Lebron's summer decision headlined on every news site and paper stealing people's attention away from the other trades that were simultaneously occurring and eventually changing the composition and dynamics of many teams. Trades such as Shaq's signing with the Celtics, Carlos Boozer exchange to Chicago and of course Lebron and Bosh's move to Miami. But that's not all, over the course of this season many other players were subject to unexpected trades and saw Carmelo teaming with Stoudemire at New York, Mike Bibby with Miami, and finally Deron Williams becaming part of the Nets.

    It is impressive what young and driven talent can bring to the old and worn. Even more outstanding is their ability to maintain hope through the most dire of situations showering in optimism and love on those within their midst. They give us untainted eyes and passionately eloquent voices with which new dialog is invoked. Tomorrow's promise is their sword and hope is their beacon. Listen to their call. Witness their strife. It is not through violence that they try to achieve alternate futures, but through their creative instincts and love for peace.

    The Palestinian Theater Group from Montreal offers you a chance to experience this wave of promise.
    Don't miss out on it.

    Visit their facebook event page for more info and watch out for the trailer after the break.

    Update: Added some pics and videos from the show. Also, there has been talk that the play will be performed in Ottawa, so if you missed your chance to watch the show, get your tickets to watch it in Ottawa soon!
    Sometimes you just get so caught up in the moment that you don't realize what you've said until it was too late.
    Here are seven of the most funniest commentator faux pas' that I've found out there in the wonderful place us mortals call the interwebs.

    Warning some seriously split ribs may occur.

    1. "This is Gregoriava from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning during warm up and it was amazing." Weightlifting commentator. 

    2. "This is really a lovely horse and I speak from personal experience since I once mounted her mother." Dressage Commentator.
    Often have I thought to myself that I need to cook more. In the process I may loose some weight and may also save a penny or two. However, despite said benefits, it seems I've never gotten into the habit of cooking and I wonder why?

    (Source: xkcd.com)
    Sometimes things just fall in line perfectly!

    You just can't trust pirates...
    Conan does it again!

    The only thing that can outshine all of the wonderful cars that are displayed at motor shows are the heavenly models that stand beside them. And to be honest, you can't have one without the other. So here's a tribute to all of those beautiful ladies that make such events a much nicer place to be.

    Video and pictures after the break,
    I have already posted about oil and the Arab uprising in several earlier posts (see them all here). However, I have come across this very well made video that sums up the current status of oil prices and its relation to the turmoil in the Middle East.

    Be aware and check it out!

    (Source: The Economist)

    This was Geneva's show stopper and arguably one of the best concept cars unveiled at the motor show. The 4C is Alfa Romeo's foray into the compact performance coupes (think Mercedes SLK and company). This wonderfully crafted automobile is made from a mixture of aluminium and carbon fiber keepings its overall curbweight at 1870 pounds. Couple the latter with Alfa's customary turbo charged 4 cylinder 1.7L Turbo engine pumping out 200+ bhp and the 4C is capable of 0-100 km/h in less than five seconds.

    Reasonably priced at 40,000 and globally set for sale in 2012, the 4C will be the comeback of the Alfa Romeo Spider charm.

    Check out its wonderful pictures after the break
    Here are a bunch of clever ads done for Jobs In Town, check out the rest of them after the break!

    Today is the day that the new Lamborghini Aventador will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor show and as previously mentioned in my earlier post it will be a powerful car that will be contending with the best from Modena.

    The Aventador will sport a V12 Engine that can churn out 691 horses out of its wonderfully crafted exhaust. All the while, it will be the first Lamborghini to have a monocoque, in other words, a unibody cockpit. The latter was made through a collaboration with Boeing, constructed entirely out of carbon fiber, and weighs in at 321.4 pounds making the Aventador a lighter and more powerful car compared to its predecessor the Murcielago.

    But what we've learnt from experience is that all of that power in the hands of the average driver is a recipe for disaster (judging by the numerous youtube videos out there). And if you were thinking : "Oh a carbon fiber body. That can't be fixed anywhere if it got damaged." Then you are correct! But fear not my prospective Aventador owner, for Lamborghini will train three specialist that will fly to you and fix your precious car for you; they will be Lamborghini's flying doctors. Each of these specialists will be handed carbon fiber repair kits that will allow them to fix most of the carbon fiber damage at predetermined repair centers.

    Phew! Now you know the $378,995 you'll put down for this baby aren't going to waste.

    Check out the all new unveiled Lamborghini Aventador after the break,
    Awesome Track by The Black Keys, and an even better clip. Guys will always learn from their fathers, parents benefit from their kids day by day and girls, well, they just wanna play.

    It's a sick track so what are you waiting for to check it out!


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