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  • Bobo the Monkey ;)         Day 44 I would like to introduce you to a special friend of mine. Her name is Fatima Al Sabah, but we all call her 2T (pronounced tootie).

    One thing that you may notice immediately after meeting her for the first time is her warm and bubbly personality. She is, literally, a fantastic person to hang out with.

    Positively oriented and constantly entranced by her surroundings, 2T began to capture her environment in stunning photos. What started out as a humble project has now matured into an amazing feat. Posting daily for the past 200 days, 2T has invited us to sneak a peak into the keyhole through which she sees our world; and may I say, it is quite a refreshing point of view. She plans to keep this up for another 165 days to effectively complete a year's worth of photos. I for one am looking forward to the rest of these pictures.

    Here are some select pictures that she has taken during the project: Roasting Chestnuts, iPhoning and Pink Toenails              Day 171 Tangerines          Day 194 Flowers for the Enemy               Day 77 Oh the Mangoes!           Day 108
    (2T uses an iPhone4/4s and the hipstamatic app for all of her photos).

    Make sure to follow her on flickr and twitter as a nod of encouragement and support.

    KEEP IT UP 2T!


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