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  • For aspiring Tennis fans and professionals, being a ballgirl/boy at an international open is something to be exited about. You get to step out on the courts that many of Tennis' greats have stepped on and you also get to meet some of those greats! However, being a ballgirl/boy in this year's Australian open had an extra perk: you got to pick up the night bugs that were dropping in on the game.

    That wasn't good news for a poor ball girl that had to face up to her clear phobia of bugs and remove one so that play could continue during the Lleyton Hewitt and Cedrik-Marcel Stebe matchup.

    The sliver lining to this predicament was the warm support of the crowd and the cheers they gave the girl once the bug was removed.

    Good Job brave ballgirl, good job!

    Check out the vid of her brave effort.. and enojy her freaked out face!


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