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  • It has recently come to my attention that social bonds are no longer limited to our tangible realm of physical realities but has transcended to that of intangibility thanks to the their digitization through various portals of disintegration. I say disintegration since to participate in this new iteration of social bonds one must let go of his/her already existing ties. Think of it as an update to our social life; the nth update of a long running series of updates. It first started with language, the brush that painted our expressions. Through it we connected, we shared, but most important of all, we were heard. And what usually follows hearing is comprehension and understanding, triggering in us emotions and feelings that from which we create the bonds that define us. And so the more we were heard, the more bonds we made. The more bonds we made, the happier we felt. And who doesn't want to be happy? It would seem deducible that given an option that would increase our number of bonds and in consequence our happiness, one would be reluctant not to adopt it. Yet, at what cost? Is this transfer of shells justified by the fact of having more bonds, albeit the latter being of a different nature? And if so, am I still defined by them?


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