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  • This is going to be appealing to all you Social Scientists out there. YEAH GO ECON!

    So this was an interesting video that was shown to me today.

    What's outstanding about this clip is not the creepy old guy trying to be cool thanks to CGI, but the transition that the world has gone through over the past 200 years. And while Hans ends his presentation by concluding that we will all eventually be rich and live long and healthy lives (been there, done that), I believe that his vision is a little to unrealistic or will require several more centuries to come true. Moreover, it can clearly be seen that what has critically changed is peoples longevity; which is great if you're rich and healthy, but unappealing if you are poor and sick!

    Nonetheless, until we reach his Utopia, you can find me on my yacht using benjamins to light my cigars while cruising with models (changed every couple of years) for the next 75 years!

    Sucks to be you!


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