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  • Millionaires are in a constant battle to see who can outdo the other: have the biggest house, have the biggest yacht, have most cars, most planes, the only of a kind and so on. However, when you already done most of the list above, you need something new and unique to leave a mark behind, literally.

    Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, member of the Abu Dhabi ruling family has done so much. He has over 200 cars stored in a pyramid as a public museum at the Emirates National Auto Museum (Link), which by itself is crazy given the abnormality of the cars in there. (A more detailed post about this will follow shortly.) However, more recently, he decided to do more. Here I present to you Futaisi Island which he inherited from his father, in red next to Abu Dhabi.

    If you zoom in closer, you notice that there is something different about this island.

    No this is not an image alteration done on photoshop.

    He had his name "carved" (if one can call such an enormous project carved) into the island. And this picture is oriented to the north. Yes, he even did it upside down!

    These letters are around 1km high and so deep you can see a waterway formed in the first 3 letters! This can now be seen from space it seems, or more realistically on Google Earth and by planes.

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