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  • Ever wonder why you are never satisfied with what you've got?

    And whenever you do get that thing you've always wanted, you find that the gaping hole of need in your heart is ever growing.

    Remember when a house with a 2 door garage was the ultimate dream? When all you wanted was to have kids, a VW Jetta, and build that backyard pool.

    Yet now a VW Jetta won't do, and that house with the 2 door garage is deemed as a consequence of failure. Since our conception of perfection, or rather our aspirations, have been morphed by the thing we worship the most these days: Our TVs. More accurately, by the programming rubbish that is fed to us through them on a daily basis.

    Therefore, check out this highly engaging, entertaining, and educational clip as it punches away at TV and how it has ruined our aspirations.



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