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  • What a fitting subject for the blog's 100th post.

    I would like to present to you Alaa Wardi, he is a Jordanian musician that lives in Riyadh.

    He has been uploading videos of his music to his Youtube channel and is gaining some traction, as he is quickly becoming one of the top followed artists on Youtube in the Middle-East.

    His style will strike you as foreign at first, but you'll soon feel a sense of familiarity once you soak in his wonderful Arabic lyrics.  Moreover, the harmonies he pulls off in his all vocal songs (i.e. all instruments are replicated by him) will leave you feeling all warm and cozy on the inside.

    So check him out and support him in every way you can, since such a talent needs to be fostered rather allowed to fade into the blackholes of our minds.

    Enjoy his wonderful song and check out his youtube channel ==> Here

    (Via Ramsis)


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