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  • I am not a touchscreen user myself, but I have experienced frustration whenever I had the opportunity to use one. The keys are too small, clicking two letters at once, getting the wrong key to ultimately have a word unrelated to the intended one. As the web has proven, Auto correct is a complete failure that attempts to go around the problem without solving it.

    One main idea come to mind to this innovative group of people: The original keyboard was invented to accommodate two hands. What if a new keyboard is needed for touchscreen devices with enough space to barely fit a single finger? And so was born The 8pen. It uses a constant touch of the surface using a single finger, with continuous motion to choose letters. This may sound hard at first, but once you watch the preview, you quickly see that it's very easy to pick up. My favorite part is the fact that you can have predetermined sentences saved as easy to input symbols on the screen.

    If any of you gets the opportunity to try it out, do let me know what your first impression was and if you've gotten used to it.


    Jackis said...

    The keyboard is great

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