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  • I've been waiting till after exam period to drop this bomb on you guys since I didn't want to be the reason why y'all failed this semester.

    So here it is, a game that is extremely hard yet it keeps making you come back for more. Its premise is simple: try to climb to the highest height whilst clicking on the right buttons. But what makes it difficult is the way in which the buttons are layed out requiring a whole lot of dexterity and skill.

    So check it out and post your score in the comments section. The highest score will get a $15 dollar iTunes prepaid card.

    Click on the link to play the game ==> GIRP

    Rules of the competition: Competition will end May 10th 2011 at 10pm EST and is only open to residents of Canada and its territories. Winner must be a fan of the blog (achieved by clicking the like button in the "like us" box) and present a print screen of his score in order to claim his reward. Enjoy!


    HRM Shaker said...

    16 meters!!

    RamsisNutella said...

    17m! eat it!

    Souheil said...

    how can you check who has the highest score?

    RamsisNutella said...

    Screen shot of your score.. your IP saves your high score...

    Souheil said...

    17.6 :p no but I mean I can't see other ppl scores to know who has the highest?

    Souheil said...

    ow I know how i can know what is the highest score i just have to look at my score :P:P:P 60m!!! BEAT THAT!!!

    Souheil said...

    HAHAHA I just finished it, I got to the top, a little over 70m my time is 28min

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