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  • Standing there. On the edge. Ready to jump. Ready to fall down. Ready to fall deep. Ready to fall under.
    My heart beats like a bass drum. Thumping. My adrenaline rising. My eyes dilating.
    This is it.
    This is the moment.
    Everything goes quiet. Yet I can still hear my heart. Pounding. Faster. Faster. Faster. 
    It all goes white. 
    As I come too, I find myself surfing in a sea of oscillating arms. Wipe out. 
    It all goes white again. 
    The throbbing gets louder.
    I open my eyes. I can see... me.
    She approaches me. She talks to me. She touches me. She wants me.
    We collide.  Enveloped in a vortex of feeling. 
    I can see... me.
    Running towards the light.
    It all goes white. 
    Yet I can still hear it. My heart. It won't stop thumping. It won't stop pounding. It won't stop throbbing.
    I am alive. But dark.
    I see her. She smiles. She's light.
    Two sides of the same coin. We flip. Probability.
    It's all just a game. Chance.
    We flip. 
    I feel feeling. I feel it building. Supernova.
    It all goes white.
    My heart cracking like thunder. 
    Black rain drops on my eyes. It's coming.
    I feel feeling. I feel it building. Hiroshima.
    It's all just a game. Chance.
    We flip. 
    It's tails. You win.



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